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Indiana’s #1 Haunted House & Scream Park

Join the Scream Team!

Fear Itself at Legend Park is one of the TOP RATED Haunted Attraction Shows in America.

With nearly 200 volunteer actors and support staff, our team puts on one of the most electrifying, intense and entertaining shows anywhere.

We are consistently voted among the Very Best Haunted Houses in the country

As we continue to grow we are constantly looking for additional talent (YOU) to help us improve our already spectacular Team of people.

We recruit all year but especially in the fall (yes even during the season while the show is running).

These are volunteer positions

Check Out a few of Our Scream Team Members here




Make New Friends
Entertain Thousands of People (Yes and even Scare People)
Be Part Of One of The Best Shows On The Planet
Have An Incredible Time
Be Part Of A Real Family
Make Memories That Will Last A Lifetime!


What We Look For

Unique Physical Characteristics
Tall, Short, Heavy, Thin, Scrawny, Muscular… you’re perfect here
People with Unique Voice Talents (You have a unusual voice or can make unusual sounds)
We Love Diversity. It makes Us and Our Show Better
We accept and appreciate people of all colors, religions, educations, ages and those with or without physical and/or mental challenges


What Are Your Talents?

Acrobats, Tumblers, Cheerleaders, Gymnasts
Actors – Theatrical to Haunters
Set Designers
Unique Voice Talents (unusual voice or can make unusual sounds)


Experienced Positions

Audio Professional
Clerk / Ticket Sales
Concessions or Food
Construction & Set Design
Mask Making
Robotics / Animatronics
Sewing / Seamstress
Video Editor & Videographer
Wardrobe / Costumes

Get the idea? We want all types of great people!
However, here’s what we don’t want… Drama, Baggage, Attitudes, Disrespect, Complacency and Laziness.
If you want to join Our Team… leave that junk home.

For most positions you need not be experienced to participate in our amazing show.
However you must have a great attitude, good work ethic and a desire to be the best.

Just Show Up With A Great Attitude and
You Will Be Successful!



Fill out the application – click here
or message us
You can also message us on Facebook. Fear Itself at Legend Park
For questions or further information contact Kathy Mull at 574.250.5316

Fear Miner
Fear Actor
Fear Clown


Q: Is this a paid position or volunteer?
A: This is a volunteer position.

Q: What should I bring to an audition?
A: You will need your social secuity#.
Your availability for the dates and times we are open (see our Dates & Hours Section)
Comfortable clothing (no open toe shoes)
A great attitude… We provide pretty much everything else

Q. What is invlolved in the Audition/Interview/Application Process?
A. You will first complete a short, easy to fill out application
You will be asked questions about your talents, availability, abilities and interests (among other things)
You may be asked to scream, deliver a line or other things based on where we think you might fit
A quick photo will also be taken for reference

Q. Do I need to Haunted House or acting experience?
A. Experience is not usually required because we work with you to help you develop your parts (if you are an actor)
However, you do need a great attitude and some passion won’t hurt either

Q. What if I would like to be a part of the Team but I Don’t want to act?
A. There are many ways to be a part of the team. We need Security, Parking Paople, Concession People, Retail Professionals, Makeup Artists and a myriad of other positions filled

Q. Should I arrive before my Audition Time?
A. Yes. You should arrive approximately 30 minutes prior to your audition to complete your application

Q. Do I need a valid driver’s license?
A. No. However you will need some form of reliable transportation

Q. What Types of Haunted House Acting Roles are there?
A. We have a total of 6 Attractions (5 running in 2018).
You could perform the roles anything from a clown or acrobat in Sinister Circus, to a Rougaroux (werewolf) or Inbreed in Bloody Bayou Swamp.
You might like the role of a rat person or Rat Keeper in the Rat Trap.
However if you end up in the Cuckoo’s Nest you could be a scary nurse, a sadistic doctor or a very sick patient.
There are several roles in the new Father Timeless Diaries and exciting parts (if you like to scare people) in Rock Monkey Caves.
All in all the Fear Itself at Legend Park Show has some of the Best and Scariest Haunted House Actors in the industry

Q. Is there an age limit?
A. You must be at least 14 to apply and cannot be older than 125.

Q. Will I perform during all days and hours that the show is open?
A. That depends on your schedule, your part and any pre-arrangements that we make with you

Q. Is there Haunted House Actor Training or Assistance?
A. Yes. We offer initial training for your role (some require more guidance than training) and we continue to advise, direct and push you to get better.

Q. Is Safety an Issue?
A. Yes. We put safety first. Our Attractions are considered among the safest in the state of Indiana and Michigan.
We go above and beyond local and state compliance to keep both our actors and our guests safe.
We realize that guest can sometimes get roudy or even unruly. We have no problem having guests escorted off of the property by management or by law enforcement.

Q. Do you reward Actors and Staff?
A. First we provide food and beverages to actors most every day or night.
We typically have an Actor Appreciation Party for recognition and fun